A Dose of Inspiration: Deesha Dyer

Who is Deesha Dyer?

We read about her recently and we just had to share her inspirational story with you.
One of the many lives Deesha Dyer has lived was as the Social Secretary to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Her path to this esteemed position didn't begin until she became White House intern at thirty-one years old! While thirty-one is not old by any standard, most interns are nearly a decade younger than she was when she started. 
Why do we love her story? 

Despite how amazing she is, Deesha had to push through many doubts about herself, doubts about her age, her economic background and even her weight, in order to become who she is today. 

We also love that her path was unconventional. At one point she dropped out of college and then held down a variety of jobs, including one has a hip-hop reporter. She followed her own path every step of the way and ended up exactly where she needed to be.
How did she do it?

Ultimately her desire to live with no regrets, to take care of herself, and to serve her community drove her to follow her passions and interests. And often times she found that her uniqueness was her strength. The Obamas certainly thought so.

You can read more about Deesha in Elle Magazine. Check out her website to learn more about everything amazing she's doing today, including her non-profit Be Girl World that empowers young women of color to travel.
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-- The Wrap Life Team

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